Friday, May 22, 2009

To-do List Progress

Every couple of days, I take a look at my 3-columned to-do list and cross stuff off.

I feel like I am making some progress now, especially because my friend Chris and I went and saw a movie yesterday. There is really nothing desirable playing right now, so we settled for Angels and Demons. A silly blockbuster of a movie, but hey, at least I got to see one movie during my leave!

What is left:
Do some more cleaning and organizing of the bedrooms
Hose off the veranda and wash windows
Organize a few more drawers in the kitchen.
Get out the old breast pump and make sure all parts are in working order

Finish June Kanto Newsletter for AFWJ
Prepare and send Newsletter Editor box to the woman who is taking over for me

Finish making the labels for my photo albums
Buy a wallet

(Yusuke has a couple things on his to-do list also.)
Add diaper change table component to the IKEA dresser
Help me organize the medicine cabinet and 1st Aid Kit
Help me put the winter blankets away in those huge vacuum packs
Help me decide the name and kanji for our son

And, finally, I am adding one more big to-do for my list and it is a sewing project. I hope I can finish it in time, and only wish my mom were here to do it for me. I think I will have to hand-sew it but not sure yet. Check out this link and you'll get an idea of what I am planning to make. I need to go out and buy the material today or tomorrow. I think it will temporarily solve my co-sleeping dilemma though.

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Lulu said...

Hello, long time- I have been super busy lately and unable to follow your blog much so just catching up now.

Glad to hear you are going well and that you are crossing things off your to do list- Love that on Yuusuke`s list is help you name son! haha! Cute! Best of luck with the naming.

I head back to Japan on Monday- I am hoping we can meet up one day soon but I realize it is likely to be well after you have your little boy! Best of luck with the birth! Please send me an email when things calm down for you too! Take care, Lulu xoxo