101 Dreams

101 Dreams
(I wrote this list in January 2010 for a Simplify 101 class. I'll be crossing stuff off as I achieve them. Be forewarned, some of these are a little embarrassing for me to expose here, but so be it.)

Health & Fitness
Join/Start a hiking club.
Regularly exercise with Yusuke – doing fun activities, like batting cage, horseback riding, driving range, cycling, etc.
Go horseback riding.
Go hiking regularly.
Fit exercise into daily life.
Join a dance aerobics class when I hit 160.
Limit vices to 1x a day.
Wear skirts & dresses again.
Lose 40 pounds (from 185 to 145)
Limit intake of white food & dairy.

Business & Career
Publish a book.
Make more money than I do right now.
Have more official clout at work along with a raise.
Teach less, design curriculum more.
Get paid to scrapbook.
Join the staff of a scrapbooking company.
Turn Surviving Japan column into a book.
Make a web-based business out of nothing (but a good idea!)

Stick to budget and save money where possible.
Make weekly menus and eat out less.
Rent or buy a besso in the Japanese highlands.
Save money for retirement.
Save money for a house.
Rent a besso for one summer vacation
Have Max’s room redone.
Retire in the USA.
Have $50,000 in savings and $400,000 for retirement.

Yusuke and I have date night once a week. (even at home.)
Yusuke and I make love at least once a week.
I am friends with more AFWJ members, especially the writers.
I have more readers and comments on my blog.
Meal times are fun and peaceful, a great chance to reconnect.
I am accepted by a certain member of AFWJ. Ha ha. [Name has been deleted]
I regularly invite friends over for coffee chats, play dates & dinner parties.
Our family weekly traditions, such as movie nights, game nights and we cook together regularly.
Our kids are happy, well-adjusted and confident.
I regularly do workbooks and other English activities with the kids.

Fun things to be, have and do
Cook Japanese food, soups, bean dishes, slower cooker dishes & bentos with ease and confidence.
Keep up with my chronological family albums
Control my anger and emotions.
Continue to participate in BKC and CnC.
Publish some scrapbook pages
Make a Beautiful Evidence scrapbook for parents and siblings.
Organize all the photos in my parents’ house
Get a masters degree
See a live taping of a talk show or morning show, SNL or one of the night shows.
See Rascal Flatts live in concert
Have annual "Scrapbooking in Japan" retreats around Japan
Have some alone time every day.
Get a mani and pedi every week.
Wear trendy clothing.
Know my way around a Mac.
Design my own web page.
Create an e-zine and web site with a forum.
Become adept at video shooting & editing.
Have more free time.
Study more about American history
Learn how to scuba dive
Learn more about my family history
Improve my blog in several ways.

Serious stuff to be, have and do
Live a greener life.
Get involved in an environmental cause
Volunteer on a Native American reservation
Start a discussion group for women
Get involved in a Unitarian church

Surfaces are clutter-free
The house is clean and well-maintained on a weekly and monthly basis.
The Master Project list is relatively short
We can maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
We have a relaxing, beautiful veranda

Take a road trip to tour several of the presidential libraries, either alone or with my dad.
Travel to Ireland with Yusuke.
Travel to the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Yusuke.
Go on a dream vacation with Shannon and Jill (rent a cottage in Europe, Alaskan cruise or road trip in New Zealand)
Travel in Japan more (Ise, Izu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Japan Sea, highlands, Karuizawa, etc.)
Go to an onsen with family.
Road trip out west with Mom and Dad and family.
Travel to visit friends in Nagoya and Kyushu
Travel to Australia and New Zealand
Take a road trip up Hwy 1 in California.
Go to Alaska
Go on adventures with family (big and small)
Go to the USA 1x a year, trip within Japan 1x a year and somewhere in Chiba 2x a year.
Go on adventurous vacations with the kids (camping, white water rafting, hiking, etc.)
Visit the Galopagos islands.
Vacation at a ritzy resort on the beach somewhere.

Go on a dream vacation with Shannon and Jill
Live near Shannon (in the same town or next door)
Convince parents to retire in Colorado Springs
Take a road trip with Shannon our kids
Make sure our kids become good friends
Grow old together and have matching rocking chairs
Meet at least 1x a year