Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beautiful Evidence

This will explain why I have been so busy lately...not returning phone calls or whatever. This was the project for a 21-day online course through Jessica Sprague entitled Beautiful Evidence. Beautiful Evidence of what, you may be thinking. Your life, of course!

Each day, we were provided with a new template to complete the next page in the album. All templates needed digital paper, ribbons and photos, so it was fun to choose a combination of papers for each page. It looks like the kind of thing that would take forever to do, but actually, I only spent about 15 to 20 minutes on each page. I had taken or gathered most of the photos prior to the beginning of the class.

This is so much faster than traditional scrapbooking, and the perfect way to get a nice snapshot of life as it is right now...before the moment passes. One other benefit was learning to appreciate what I do have ... even if things seem crazy sometimes. It won't be like this for long. If I did this album again in 5 years, it would look so different! Anyway, I think I am going to get one made for each of the kids, and I'll put it in their memorabilia boxes so when they grow up, they'll have this album to keep.

This project has inspired me to think about other projects I could do easily - one option is a look back at the 40 years of bliss my parents have had together. Never too early to start thinking about that 50th Anniversary album!

Edited Note: I want to add that these templates were designed by Jessica Sprague, using embellishments designed by Meredith Fenwick ( & Jan Crowley ( Almost all of the digital papers & embellishments used came as part of the kit we received when we enrolled in this class provided by the above sponsors. was also a sponsor of the class as well as who in the end are giving us a nice discount for printing with them, and some freebies to lucky winners of the final drawing.

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medea said...

Gorgeous! I love the Together page