Wednesday, February 3, 2010

November Lay Outs on Display

These are the lay outs for my Chronological Album - November 2009. I made all of them in the first month of the Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. In this class, Cathy Zielske teaches about the basic principles of design, and each week we have to create 3 lay outs based on the principle focused on for that week. The lay out designs are provided by her. Many of the students are doing traditional scrapbooking, but I chose to do all digital pages for her class, just to get more practice with Photoshop. She also provides photoshop templates for people like me. Remember that you can click on each to enlarge and read the journaling,

Nature Girl or Diva?
This is a double lay out. Can you guess the design principle for this lay out? Balance.


Foodilicious was also made for the Balance week. Notice how both sides of the lay out takes up the same amount of space.

Luka's Dedication ceremony
Here, the focus was on balance too - asymmetrical balance. Pretty tricky, right?

Door County
Here again, asymmetrical balance. This is a 12x12 lay out, but the gutter (where you would have to cut it to put it in a 12x12 photo album) goes straight through the photos. We had to make sure to choose photos that would not cut anyone in half.

Here, we were focusing on repetitive elements. What repeats through out my lay out here? There are at least 4 things.

I guess that pretty much represents my month of November. You saw my lay outs for the Trips Home album a few posts ago, so the combination of all these lay outs gives a really good idea of how we spent our month in the USA last year. Wish it could have lasted longer, but I am glad to be back in my regular routine here. Routine is comfortable for me.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE all of your layouts...fabulous!

Shannon said...

These turned out so beautiful! Nice work!