Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ailin's Birthday - 2 months Late

I know this is really late, and the state of this birthday party, which took place in mid-February, will tell you that I was busy and that is my excuse! Now, I am finally writing about it.

For her 4th birthday, Ailin wanted a purple purse-shaped cake. What she got was a double-layered, kind-of-purplish cake with candy decorations. Simple enough for you?

I asked that we have the party at our house which meant that I had to do the cooking. Ailin wanted pizza. (That's my girl!) So, I made 12 different kinds of small-size pizzas. Auntie Nanako came to celebrate with us.

Ailin, now a 4-year old lady, tried hard to contain her excitement...and she did. There is a big difference between 3 and 4, I think.

After dinner, but before opening presents, Ailin wanted to wear her princess costume so she could show us her "curtsy" which apparently she had been practicing with Grandma Yuki.

Grandma Yuki knitted this sweater for her.

Mama and Papa gave her an easel with paints. Ailin's dream was to draw a heart with red paint just like she had seen in a picture book.

Ailin got presents from her family in America too. Grandma Holly sent some clothes, including this outfit. Thank you to Auntie Michele for the presents too!

On Valentine's Day, the day before her real birthday, Uncle Karl (Ailin's godfather) met us in Odaiba and we hung out for the day.

We ate lunch and then hung out at the Fuji TV building.

Karl gave her a Lite Bright for her birthday, but on a whim, he decided to have this drawing done of her by one of the mall artists. She actually sat still the entire time, but she got very sleepy. Due to her obsession with princesses, we asked him to give her a princess look.

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