Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Little Word: Shine for February and March

First of all, I just have to say that the A-Team (Amanda and Adie) had another amazing idea for a mini-writing project. We asked for permission from Ali Edwards to use some components from her One Little Word scrapbook project, and we designed a poster project for our 2nd year students. This was really exciting because first of all, I got to personally email Ali and explain the project to her and then she replied with her blessings! Second, we incorporated several fun components into the project so that students could really be creative with it. The project itself took 3 lesson hours - one for brainstorming and writing the first short essay; one for writing the second short essay and then getting started on the poster design; one for designing and printing the posters. Our plan was to hang all the posters up in the hallway where the 3rd year students will pass by every day on their way to their required IT class. We thought these OWL posters would inspire everyone to work hard during the next school year and make their last year here the best ever!

Now, an update to my OWL for the year. In February, our assignment was to take a series of literal and figurative photos which express our word in some way. Here is my layout. I asked my colleague Chris to take some of the photos for me because he's got a nice camera. I am not sure if any of these photos are literal, but the photo of my car's tail lights will tell you that I get home from work after dark on a daily basis. I keep telling myself it's only for the next year that I have to keep this crazy schedule!

The March layout was just a written assignment, and if I were not doing this album digitally, I could have been more creative. However, I don't mind handwriting these assignments and just sticking them into my album. Basically, we had to write up a list of goals for the year and then choose one to actually take action on within the month of March. Then, write up kind of a schedule for March, the ONE goal for the month, and a report of how our word has manifested itself in the last three months. I had a lot to write about!

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