Friday, August 7, 2009

Seriously Crazy Family Photo

I just had to take a break from my series of Evolutions posts to put up this absolutely crazy family photo. It comes to me from Amy Oya who took it during her visit with us last week.

It is the only photo she took of us all together, and the only photo I have of us all together since ... I don't even know when, several months ago, probably and before Luka was born.

What is so hilarious is that I was on the search for a photo that represents "US - Right Now" for an online class I signed up for. The class starts at the end of August, but until then, we have been assigned to gather or take a variety of photos to use. The "US-Right Now" has been found, most definitely!

Thank you, Amy.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering about the jarring new photo at the header of my blog, I DO realize it is sideways. Let's just say I was experimenting, replaced the photo with another really awesome sunset photo I happened upon when searching through my archives, realized it doesn't fit right when placed vertically, couldn't get it to fit right no matter what I tried, then couldn't remember where to find the original sunset photo I had. So, here it remains until I decide what to do. If it is too jarring for you every time you open the blog, let me know.)


illahee said...

lovely family!!

i admit, the first time i saw the 'new' header, it made me cross-eyed! i think i'm used to it now, so no worries on sorting it out asap. :)

Michele Matucheski said...

Nice picture of the whole family. Even the dog. And I see the Luka Blankie, too. Very nice. Michele

Shannon said...

Wow- your scrapping has come a long ways. The other thing I have really noticed recently is how improved your photograhy skills are. In general, your eye has changed a lot. Your beautiful albums almost make me want to start scrapping. Almost....

Amy said...

I love this photo too...especially Max! It must be near impossible to get a shot with the whole family recently. Glad we did this!