Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Photo a Day - Nov 4

The first morning after we arrived, the two kids were sound asleep until noon. Then, jet lag kicked in that night.

Later that day, we were tricked into going to meet my grandma at her favorite hang-out because she had something important to give us. Little did we know, it was a bar. Well, my whole famiy said that of course I should have known, but I really didn't. Notice the baby in his car seat on the bar. That is OUR baby. How much more WT can you get?

Ailin took no time at all to warm up to her grandparents that she has not seen in over a year. She sees photos, so she was excited about meeting them again, but I wasn't sure until we got here.

November 5 - Now that Ailin has no problem staying home with her grandparents alone, Yusuke and I used the opportunity to steal away and get some shopping done at Antigo's biggest store, Walmart. Again with the WT! The sun was setting just as we were leaving and took this photo with our little bear baby.
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