Saturday, January 23, 2010

Date Night (Project 52) #2

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This time, I decided the date and announced it to Yusuke on Thursday night when he arrived home from work. He was up for it, and we had our date on Saturday night from 9:45pm to 10:45pm.

We had a great day on Saturday because we got out of the house early and were back from errands and shopping by 3pm. Everyone, except me, got to take a nap and were well-rested by dinner time when I served Ailin (and Luka) a dinner that they were sure to eat without much prodding.

After their bath and bedtime routine, both were off to dreamland by 9:45pm. That does seem late, but Ailin sometimes has a hard time settling down.

We had bought sashimi (raw fish) and Yusuke set everything out for our meal as soon as I finished putting the kids to bed. He started the conversation, and so we talked about traveling within Japan. Mainly, we discussed various neighborhoods in Tokyo and small villages in Chiba where we would like to go and just walk around. We thought about trying to do "penny walks". Amy and I used to do penny bike rides around Antigo when we were kids. You bring a penny with you and every time you come to a corner, you decide (for example) "heads is right, tails is left". Bring an extra penny with you in case it drops down the sewage drain when you flip it. (Amy and I learned that the hard way.) Yusuke was very interested in that idea.

In any case, the idea of walking tours around Tokyo covers three of our aspirations for this year - do more family stuff, see more of Japan and exercise more.

It was a great conversation, and our dated ended at 10:45 when I went to check my email and he turned on the TV. So, there you go. Later, we started watching a movie "State of Play" which Yusuke had picked up for free at work. We were interrupted a couple times when the kids woke up and I had to get them back to sleep, so I never got to watch the end of the movie. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

i love sashimi! you are so lucky to be in japan surrounded by all the awesome japanese food. i grew up with a bit of japanese culture and i would love to visit there.

great first date! thanks for linking it up and we'll see you next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. I would love to talk to you about maybe guest posting on my site one day. I think you have such a great story living in japan! email me if you are interested and we'll talk about the details!


The Lady of the House said...


Traci Michele said...

I LOVE hearing about people dating their HUBBY'S!

How fun! NEVER STOP!

Nice to meet you!

Debi (The Romantic Vineyard) said...

I love how simple this date was, yet you connected with meaningful conversation. The penny bike ride sounds great! My husband and I love to go for long drives - it would be fun to try that one day...but we'll be sure to take our GPS. Who knows where we'd end up! Although living in Florida we can't go far or we'll hit water! LOL!

Mid-Craft Crisis said...

I LOVE to spend time just talking to my husband. Sounds like you had a great date. That is a great idea of going on a penny walk. I wonder if we could do something like that...

Marian said...

I love to talk about plans for future dates or vacations or other exciting things with my husband. And what a fun idea - the "penny walk." That would be fun in any city, even one you think you know well because we all kind of get in a rut and go the same places.