Monday, January 18, 2010

Goals Culled from 101 Dreams

So, for this online class called Create the Life You Love, I finished making my list of 101 Dreams. Then, we had to categorize our dreams. My categories included relationships, finances, home, travel, career, personal growth, fun stuff, & a few more.

From that, we had to choose or combine some of the dreams and then create a goal statement. We had to choose carefully - only choosing dreams we were able and willing to commit to for now. In fact, we had to choose some goals that would be "foreground", meaning they would get more of a time commitment and other goals would be "background", meaning they would not require as much time but we would still be working on.

This was a real soul-searching step for me because naturally I wanted to choose some of my scrapbook projects as my foreground goals and maybe even some travel plans as my background goals.

But, Aby asked us the all-important question. If you could accomplish some of the goals in just ONE area of your life, knowing that this would have the biggest impact on your life, which would it be. Well, that is an easy question to answer. Health (weight).

Aby advised that we could have any number of foreground goals (up to 7, that is) but that less was better, so I chose 2 foreground goals. Health and Marriage. Folks, I am now making a true commitment to improving these two areas of my life in 2010. Hey, if I could make the commitment to learning photoshop and organizing my home, then I can surely do this, right?

Next, we had to make goal statements for each of our goals and announce them to the class. Following are my goal statements.

Foreground Goal Statements:

I am losing weight every week by fitting exercise into my daily life, by limiting my vices to 1x a day, and by managing my intake of white foods & dairy so that by the end of 2010, I am at my ideal weight of 140 pounds. I am feeling exhilarated & proud to be shopping for trendy skirts & dresses!

During the month of February, I am happy and enthusiastic about my marriage because Yusuke and I are having date night 1x a week and I am showing affection to him each and every day.

Background Goal Statements:

Personal Growth
By May 2010, I am feeling calm and relaxed in the face of adversity, and I can control my emotions by keeping anger at bay. I am using the EFT method to overcome my issues with emotional outbursts.

I am excited because we are saving 90,000 per month for our travel budget so that by the end of 2010, we will have 1,080,000 yen saved for our annual trips plus a few extra fun trips, which we will begin planning for in January of 2011.

In February, I am feeling confident and at ease in the kitchen because I am experimenting more with Japanese recipes along with other new-to-me soup & slow cooker recipes.

In February, I am feeling proud and happy when I look at our beautiful home because I am following the cleaning & maintenance routines.

I am diligently & enthusiastically making weekly menus and sticking to our budget so that we can save money for our future dreams which we will re-evaluate together in January 2011.


Karen said...

Hi there,
Great goals! Some advice?

From a hypnotherapy viewpoint, cut out the negative words, the modals, future tense, and the use of feeling as a verb. Then use the goal statements as affirmations!


Mande's J-Life said...

Thanks, Karen, for the advice, but these are the types of goal statements we are supposed to make as part of my class. I think she gets these ideas from people in the field of "motivational" self-help. In fact, we are supposed to imagine how we feel after the goal has been achieved and include that in the statement.
For the first statement about weight loss, I didn't have anything about how I would "feel" or what I would do once I lost the weight, and Aby advised to add something in there to be sure that I would succeed.
Oh, and I did make lay outs for each of these goals to put on goals board and I might post those later in the week.