Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Date Night (Project 52) #5

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I know that we should be on Date #12 by now, we had to take a few weeks off because my husband is so lame. Without further ado, here is a run-down of our latest date night which was chalk-full of "happenings"!

Yusuke announced that he had arranged for Ailin to spend the night at Baba's house for her "monthly otomari" which meant we could enjoy a quiet evening to ourselves (with Luka, of course).

I requested that he make a fancy steak dinner for us, so after dropping her off at Baba's, we went shopping for the best steak money can buy. No, not really the best or most expensive, but fancier than we would have normally.

I gave Luka a bath and put him to bed earlier than usual because he had not had a good nap that day, and suggested that we eat our dinner after Luka goes to bed.

Happening #1
While Yusuke was cooking our steaks, which were marbled with beautiful fat, some fat and oil splashed up onto his neck and face. For the rest of the evening, he complained about these burns. Now, I have been burned several times in my cooking-life, but we are talking about a hypochondriac here. I asked him if he would like to go to the hospital. No. Okay, must not be that serious.

Earlier that day, I asked Yusuke if he likes guacamole. He said yes. I had this great idea to make a movie snack for us - chips with guac and salsa & homemade margueritas. He was game, so before dinner, I had prepared the guac and put it in the fridge.

Happening #2
After dinner, I cleaned up and accidently spilled dishwasher soap powder all over the floor. It was nearly 10pm, but I had no choice but to get out the vacuum and clean it up. (Condo rules - no vacuum cleaners after 10pm).

Happening #3
I put the vacuum away and proceeded to prepare our snack. I was tidying up the counter when a container of strawberry milk powder spilled onto the floor. I managed to salvage most of it, but still, I need to get out the vacuum all over again.

By the time, I got the snack ready, it was 10:30pm. Hey, check out those homemade margueritas. I had no triple sec, no tequila, and no fancy glasses. What I did have was rum, so I put a little of that in.

Happening #4
Turns out that Yusuke, who said he likes guac, does not in fact like avacado! So, he wouldn't eat the guacamole in the end.

We watched My Sister's Keeper. I liked it and had tears streaming down my face during many parts of the film. Yusuke thought it was kind of boring and fell asleep. I guess the burn injury caused him to feel tired or something.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed catching up on your musings and observations. I love your wit and this blog.

Anonymous said...

i think the dating fairies are all working against you. :) glad to see you back and attempting it again. never give up, never surrender! :) thanks for sharing. hope to see you next week.
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Jill said...

Were the steaks Kobe beef? Ha. Ha. I'm still dreaming of experiencing that one of these days. By the way--sounds like you made a daquari (i.e. margarita with rum instead of triple sec and tequila). Yummy!