Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exceedingly Inappropriate

Last time I posted, it was the morning of the big Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami. Yusuke would refer to this time as "Back when we were happy."

I have been updating and communicating via Facebook which people have found to be the best way to support and communicate with each other. In fact, just after the earthquake when I began trying to reach my husband by cell phone, I found that the only thing that worked on my iPhone was in fact Facebook (and Twitter for that matter). Since that moment, foreigners as well as Japanese have found it to be the best mode of communication, even though our cell phones do work again.

Despite all that has happened to impact our daily lives and our emotions, I wanted to give an "exceedlingly inappropriate" update to my last two posts. The results of our final exam in our English class which included questions about our Tsumabuki and Oguri presentations.

In the introduction of my presentation, students were asked to fill in the blanks.

"Tsumabuki-kun is Japan's most exceedingly __________ man."

Here is a list of the funniest answers:

cute and cool

Yes, he is.

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Shannon said...

Glad you still have your sense of humor!! :)