Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Final Assignment: Choose a Motto

My motto has always been "Just do it". Much like the Nike motto, which should send any potential sporty person into action, I used it to force myself to do things whether I was afraid or not. I don't really appreciate hedging, hemming and hawing, hesitating...although I do find myself doing it when I want to say no, but can't for whatever reason.

Last year, while working on my Masters thesis, I altered my motto to "I AM doing it". In the present-progressive tense, it tricked my mind into thinking that I was ALREADY making progress and that I NEEDED TO KEEP GOING.

A quick Google search brought me to this gem of a motto, which I have adopted for this purpose.

It is simple, but it implies an entire story about who I am, how I see myself and what I can accomplish in the future.

I can. I will. I am.

I have signed up for Part 2 of Brene Brown's class, so I will continue to blog about my progress along with other things.

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