Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cravings & Shopping Lists

In some ways, this pregnancy has been easier - in other ways harder.

1. I didn't really feel morning sickness.
2. I didn't feel grossed out by any particular foods.
3. I could feel the kicking much much earlier than last time.
4. I am not completely obsessed about buying all sorts of baby gear and clothes.

1. I felt/feel extremely tired.
2. Things take their toll much sooner than before.
3. I don't have time to take a rest and just enjoy the pregnancy.
4. I can't find the time to look through the baby gear and clothes I MIGHT already have.
5. I feel scared, not about the childbirth like I was last time, but about how life will be with 2 kids and a dog.
6. Ailin still wants me to pick her up a lot...she wants skinship with her Mama. I am afraid I will injure my back though.

My big cravings this time have been donuts (and any other sweet breads) and potato chips. Why can't I crave things like broccoli and carrots? What is wrong with me? Anyway, I think I got rid of the donut craving last weekend by over-indulging on some Krisy Kreme donuts we bought at Lalaport. I may be able to say no to them. As for the potato chips, it's not as bad as it was during the 1st trimester. Remember my obsession with cherry coke when I was pregnant with Ailin? My new obsession is herbal tea and tea with milk. Lupicia is a great chain store which offers so many different flavors of tea, plus I work with a Brit who turned us on to British-style tea.

Shopping Lists
I finally got around to checking Baby for their list of suggested baby gear and clothes. I'll need to go through old boxes of the things I saved from Ailin's first months, but off hand, I know I will need the following:

1. A nursing pillow (threw it away)
2. Nipple cream (lost it very recently)
3. Diapers (back to that newborn and 0-3 size)
4. Plastic bathtub - what did I do with that bulky thing?
5. Car seat (this time for Ailin who will get a toddler seat and Baby#2 will get hers.)
6. Moses basket (sold it to the recycle shop)

Wow! I can't believe how short this list is. We will find out the sex this weekend, and after that I will start looking for clothes, if necessary. A friend, who just had a baby 3 months ago, is getting ready to send me some clothes anyway. I might not need anything. June July and August are quite warm so no need to bundle up as much.


kuri & ping said...

I'm glad to read your updates and see how you're doing. Hope you have fun at the convention this weekend! Wish I could be there and have a chance to meet up with you, Annerose, and Kaz. :(

Mande's J-Life said...

Well, Kaz won't be there, and I am not even sure Annerose is coming this time. I was thinking I might be kind of lonely at this Convention, but at least I will be busy with committee stuff. That is partly why I joined the committee - so I could stay busy instead of being annoyed and bored. I actually am one of those people who HATES large gatherings like this.