Thursday, February 26, 2009

Intellectuality / This Week

Thank you to those who commented both on my last entry and privately. I hope people who don't know me will not assume that I am a bad person who always gossips about others. It is not really like that. There are just certain friends who bring that side of my personality to the surface. With other friends, we tend to chat about normal things.

On the bright side, at work, I told my co-workers about this issue and they all suggested we try harder to have intellectual conversations while at work. This may be challenging, but we are making an effort. The other day, Jeff and James said they actually had a conversation about books and the economy. Wow. Adie & I have been talking about cinnamon rolls and how to get them in Japan without actually having to make them. I think we can do it...have more intellectual conversations, I mean. This morning, I awoke from a dream about James. He and I were at a university where I was living. He was helping me rearrange the furniture in my room. I had way too much furniture and he was advising me on how to sort it out. I think it had something to do with this issue.

Since Convention, I have not really been able to give a sigh of relief. Too much to do that I was putting off until after convention.

1. Making DVD of Soap Opera dramas for our graduating students. (I used my iMovie software on my Mac for only the 2nd time, and it didn't take too long, but burning 45 DVD copies is what takes a while. I hope I can finish in time for graduation. Each DVD takes about 20 minutes or more.)

2. Finishing up my 2008 Chronological album. I did the Journaling part this week, so the last step is making the titles on my Cricut machine. I was thinking to do that tonight while I wait for the DVDs to burn tonight. (That is, if I don't fall asleep with Ailin.)

3. Finishing up the lesson plans, handouts & activity cards for our 3rd year English class. Last year, I had designed an entire syllabus focusing on drama techniques and improvisation to develop their skills for the final project - the Soap Opera! The year went well, but my memory card got damaged last summer and I had to re-type all of the information. Actually, each native teacher helped by typing up one unit's lesson plans and handouts. Now, I am just putting it all together, formatting it and improving it based on the student feedback. I will be finished today!

4. Touching up an article for my Surviving Japan column in the AFWJ Journal. I wrote the article some time last year, but now just need to update it a bit. Deadline is on Sunday.

I hope next week will be easier because I have several more things I need to be dealing with. I can't wait til maternity leave kicks in. I have decided not to make any plans in that first week of leave. I just want to stay home and hang out with Max and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Maybe read some books and watch DVDs until it's time to go and pick Ailin up from daycare. I remember how busy I was just before Ailin was born. I was constantly shopping and visiting people, running around all over the place. I don't want to do that again.

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Girl Japan said...

I really respect you for openly talking and blogging about yourself, I think when we do that we open our selves up to criticism but there is a freedom that comes with that, you gain respect from others, and I know I tend to gravitate toward the gossipers but I have learned to be a listener and not "talk" unless that person REALLY affected me in some personal way, I think being bitchy is a way to expel our demons, and keep on being bitchy because you most certainly don't want to contain all those feelings inside.

Good luck on your article = )