Monday, February 9, 2009

Mornings Like this

It is on mornings like this when I really start to second-guess my choice to continue working rather than stay home with my child(ren).

I caught a bad cold over the weekend so every bad thing that happens gets magnified in my mind. Fortunately, my daughter seems okay with just a fever that keeps going up and down (according to her day care teacher.) Yusuke, on the other hand, complains that his "stomach" hurts, but really he is pointing to either his liver or his large intestine, and of course, when I explain that to him, his response is "Oh, when someone has a problem with their liver, then their life is over. Really over."

So, after waking up very late as usual, he goes into the bathroom and stays there for over 30 minutes dealing with his ... um ... liver problem. I was rushing around trying to finish dressing Ailin, cleaning up after Max, sweeping up the veranda (crows attacked our garbage the day before) and trying get out the door so I wouldn't be more than the usual 15 minutes late for work.

(I was about 1/2 hour late this morning.)

Meanwhile, Yusuke is calling out from the bathroom, "If you'll just wait 3 more minutes..."

Ailin is throwing books at me.

Max is barking in the background.

And, I am about to lose my mind. Either that, or kick something.

Like I said, wouldn't life be easier if I could have a leisurely morning...resting on the couch while Ailin plays on the floor, or slowly cleaning up breakfast dishes while Ailin plays?

Anything would be better than rushing out the door, hair uncombed, no make-up, annoyed because no one helps out...also, annoyed with myself for not waking up at 5:30 like I had originally planned.

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Shannon said...

Sounds familiar! I seem to live my life with two emotions these days - absolute overwhelming love of my little guy or annoyance with the entire rest of the world. Is there anything in between?