Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Fun on PSE

Original - Ailin is posing in front of a tree.

This was an easy one. We had to add text to the photo. The pink in "strike" matches her jacket. We also had to add "brown paper" textures underneath to make the photo look worn and postcardish.

Original - Ailin playing in her pool on the day I came home from the hospital with Luka. She was so absolutely happy to be at home again with me.

The difference is so subtle, but it is called "burned edge" and apparently photographers do it to their photos all the time. The edges are made a little darker and the center or focal points of the photo are lightened up slightly. You can see that this photo is a little richer than the original.

Original - Ailin is getting to know her new little brother.

I call this photo "Touch", and behind it, there are some textures going on, and there is a clipping mask to make a nice border around the photo.

Original - another great pool photo.

Project Day 10 - On Day 10 of this class, we were asked to do lots of stuff to our photo including something new. The new thing was to add an overlay with text. The overlay "Life is" with a bar underneath it for more text was designed by Jessica Sprague.

Original - This photo was taken at our neighborhood studio "Anne's Garden" last February.

This technique is called Selective Recoloring, and it is surprisingly easy and quick to achieve.


medea said...

Wow! I love what you've done with these pics. I am inspired, and I want to take that course when I get back to Japan. ;)

Lulu said...

Oh these are fantastic Mande!

Love the last one the best!

Interesting to see how you are going- I have photoshop and illustrator installed but have not done anything with either of them. A summer project perhaps? I have to learn to use photoshop sometime!

Can you recommend any good (and free) online courses?