Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online Learning - PSE

PSE stands for Photoshop Elements. I figured that out when I started taking these online courses and they kept referring to it as PSE. Cool.

Here are some things I have been learning how to do. The photos shown below were done in a freebie course offered by Jessica Sprague on her web site. See under Links I Love to the right. She was only offering this course for a limited time, but for a freebie, I am amazed by how much I am learning from this class.

Original - Ailin & Luka

Touched up with a brush (like a stamp) added. Actually, it is two separate stamps put together and colored to match other colors in the photo, particularly the blue on Luka's outfit and the red on Ailin's pajamas.

Original - Mande at an Afternoon Tea Event

Touched up and tinted to look "old fashioned". I really didn't do a great job with this one. I also tried tinting the hair to make it look blonder, but that didn't really work. Then, we were supposed to paint stars on the background. It would have worked better if the background had been a darker color to begin with. Also added a frame designed by Jessica Sprague.

Original - Ailin and her friend Erina after the Easter Egg Hunt

Cropped with a grungy clipping mask around it. The clipping mask acts like a shaped cropping tool. Also, added some decorative stamps to match Ailin's orange color on her coat and the word art "Relax".

Original - Grandma Yuki and Ailin on the train to Tokyo.

Changed to black and white and added 3 textures behind this photo which give it an "old, worn" look. Also, added an embellished frame designed by Jessica Sprague to the top of the photo.

Original - Birthday cake and flowers

Zoomed in and cropped to focus on birthday cake; desaturated and tinted slightly; Added "through the viewfinder" texture to give it an old, worn look. Also added a brush stamp and word art "celebrate" to the lower part of the photo.

Some of these finished photos turned out nicely, I think. My favorite is the one of Ailin with her Grandma Yuki on the train. It is a great portrait of the two of them. I also like the photo of Ailin and her friend in the park.

This class is an intensive 3-week course with a new lesson every day, even on weekends! This is just the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you are having a blast with your classes... will you move onto CS3 later?