Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TW 1

TW 1 stands for Type + Writer 1. It is one of the online courses I took recently.

I would like to showcase the 6 (plus one extra) lay outs that I did for this class, but let me just explain what TW1 is all about it.

There are 2 instructors for the course. Liv specializes in writing and teaches the ins and outs of making one's writing more relative, more exciting, more correct (correcter?), and more concise. I love to write and always strive to improve my writing as I go through life, and she is so eloquent at explaining just how we should go about writing moving, thought-provoking (and fun) pieces for our scrapbook pages.

Every day, we were asked to free-write for 15 minutes or more. Every OTHER day, we were given an actual writing assignment, sometimes related to the free write, sometimes not. For each assignment, she focused on a different aspect of writing such as using descriptive words, point of view, tone, and so on.

The day after doing our writing assignments, Jessica came on the scene with her cool templates and showed us through video instruction how make thorough use of fonts. This isn't just for little kids - a short paragraph in Comic Sans or something to that effect. This was typography! - a word that I didn't really understand until I took this course. Also, unless you have an eye for typography, you might not notice all the typographical elements of the lay out - little swirly things that are actually ornamental fonts, words made to look like stickers, stars & other shapes which are also fonts, & lots of other fancy stuff.

So, without further ado, ta da!

The Final Tally - 1 Adventure
Jessica Sprague TW Kit Final Tally Template, LivEdesigns Type + Writer Stories Kit papers

I loved doing this lay out, partly because it was my first for the class. But, it was so nice to be able to use recent photos about a real adventure and now I can use this page for my Chrono album.

27 Small Things
Jessica Sprague TW Kit 40 Small Things Template, LivEdesigns Type + Writer Stories Kit papers

We had to write several lists and then choose which lists we wanted to include in this lay out.

One Day
Jessica Sprague TW Kit Snapshot Template, LivEdesigns SSunFun Paper Pack 1 & 2

Wow, using Wordle (an online word art making sofware) and then copying and pasting that right on top of digital paper makes such a cool effect. I pasted in an entire entry from my blog, and wordle comes up with this design based on how many times certain words are used in the passage.

Oh, and I must clarify that the photo in the middle is supposed to be overexposed like that! I explained this before, but it was a creative assignment for my photography class. We were supposed to find a color that portrays an emotion and then photograph it. I chose WHITE as that is what I see when I am completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Rather than just photograph something that is white, I purposely set my camera to overexpose the shot. I just had to use it on a lay out somewhere!

I love what you say
Jessica Sprague TW Kit Dialog Template, LivEdesigns SEF Naturally Free Papers, LivEdesigns Type + Writer Stories Kit papers

I had originally planned to do this lay out about a dear friend who is moving back to the USA next month, but did not finish it in time to submit to the gallery, so I quickly put an Ailin page together. I love it though - showcasing Ailn's emerging personality always makes for fun pages! Anyway, I did finish the lay out for my friend Kaz and had it printed for her as a Sayonara gift. I hope she likes it! (Won't put it up here as some of the information might be private.)

Hey Girly Girl
Jessica Sprague TW Kit Hey Little Template, LivEdesigns Type + Writer Stories Kit papers

All I can say about this is that I am glad I was doing an organizing class at the same time, because I just happened to know exactly where my OLD OLD photos were!

This is the Story of Fate
Jessica Sprague TW Kit Story Template, LivEdesigns Type + Writer Stories Kit papers

This lay out prompted me to get started on a new scrapbooking project. I now have a list of subtopic ideas regarding our love story & courtship, and I am planning to try and do as many as I can within the next couple years. It will be a nice book someday when I can put it all together and print it out for Yusuke & the kids. I am planning to do each page differently in terms of lay out and writing style ... for this assignment, we were supposed to write as if it were a fairy tale.

Finally, as an extra assignment, we were asked to practice making fancy quotes. I got this quote from a web site and simply changed the words into 3 different sizes and set the placement and then made it into a brush stamp so that I can stamp it on any lay out in the future. I think I will be doing this a lot more!


Juls~ said...


Really enjoying your blog this morning - so many beautiful projects! I especially love the layout of your daughter! Just precious! I'm thinking about scanning some of my girls toddler photos and doing some layouts of them.

All the ideas and so little time! Hard when I'm on a learning curve at *JS*. I'm adding a list of Spraguemates to my blog - so you will be noted!

See you at the Spraground!

{xoxo} Juls~!

Barbara said...

Hi ... great LOs. I love them. I'm a bit behind in both TW1 and TW2. In fact these are the 3 LOs I haven't gotten to yet in TW2. I'm feeling more motivated to get to them when I see your great LOs!

I particularly like your LO of your little girl. Such fun!

Like Juls, I too have added a list of blogs I'm following and yours and a few other Spraguemates have been added!

Barbara (GrantandLaurensMom)

Amy said...

Your layouts are so impressive!! I love the fonts, colors, shapes...and of course your writing! For me, it would be so difficult to get the first idea...the first inspiration for a page. But it looks like the classes are a big help with that.

Keep posting!