Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TW 2 Part 1

Type + Writer 2 online course started right after TW1 finished.

This class, with the same instructors, takes you deeper into your writing as well as the art of typography. In terms of writing, we covered aspects such as good opening lines, endings, topic sentences, & de-cluttering. (There's that word again! In writing, de-cluttering would refer to ridding your sentences of all the extra words. For example, instead of writing, "At this point in time, I really need to use the toilet badly," you would write, "I need to use the toilet now.") Why did I just use a toilet example. Hold that thought.

Okay, for typography, we covered the how-tos of pull-quotes, masking letters with patterned paper, using type as a clipping mask, using font to create scalloped borders, and much much more. I bet you don't know what some of that stuff means...if you are curious, I really recommend this class!

Here are the lay outs I created for the class:

Assignment #1 - An Adventure
For this assignment, we were asked to look back on an adventure that we had at one time in our lives. I honestly could not come up with something that I had NOT scrapbooked about yet, so I took on a slightly different challenge. I wanted to see if I could create 4 useful lay outs at the same time on Photoshop Elements - all 4 are about different adventures I have had, and all 4 will be used in my scrapbooks. Each page, though using the same template, comes out looking quite different. I made some changes to the 3rd and 4th lay outs to make a double spread and because they will go in the same album. Here goes!

This is a recent adventure I had that will go in my Chrono album for October.

This is an adventure I shared long long ago with my husband! It will go in our Love Story album, which I have recently started.

This is a double lay out covering our Silver Week Adventures, featuring Papa, and will go in our Chrono Album. I changed it up in several ways, but it is still the same basic lay out.

Had any adventures lately? Tell me in the comments section!

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