Monday, July 19, 2010

Scrapbooking Sundays: Finding Time

Hey, the 9 most influential scrapbookers were named over at Ella Publishing, and I happen to follow several of them through their blogs, websites, online classes, etc. I was really excited for them. What an honor it is to be named on this list.

Along with this list, Ella Pub has put out a new ebook featuring all nine of these scrapbookers and the theme is "finding time to do it." I touched on this recently in my blog, but wanted to add a few of my own tips here.

1. Take good photographs - learning how to take good photos is great way to shave off cropping and editing time.

2. Schedule in some time to do it - say, every Sunday morning from 6:00 to 8:00 am, or every Friday night from 10 to midnight. Whatever floats your boat. Create a monthly event for you and your friends to do some crafting. Having the monthly Craft n Chat really pushes me to get some stuff done.

3. Do a little something every day. Every page of every album is a project that is made up of many small steps. Choose a few photos and put them in a folder. Edit those photos. Plan your lay out scheme. Choose your papers. Choose your embellishments. Print out your photos. Cut everything down to size. Assemble your lay out. Glue on. Add the final touches. It may take you several days to do this, but you will get it done!

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Shannon said...

This is really good advice for fitting in any hobby or activity. I find that when I make a to-do list, I can use odd minutes here and there to accomplish small tasks - like reading your blog!