Friday, January 28, 2011

Hisashiburi Blog!

Okay, hello there! It is Friday night here, and I am craving a little blogtime, so I thought I'd throw one out there.

Here are a few funny quotes that I have collected over the past several months:

A conversation between me and my husband - 

Him: "I think about death at least once a day."
Me: "Death? You should be thinking about sex nine million times a day instead!"

A snippet of conversation between me and a friend -
"I will teach my dear husband that I am a fairy and not a maid!!!!"

A conversation overheard in Walmart, just before Xmas, in the toy section. We were standing in front of the very educational V-tech toys -
"I don't want to get him one of those toys. I mean, remember Josh? He had all kinds of those toys, and look at him now. He's a genius. I don't want my Colby to be like that."

A conversation between me and my colleagues -
"I don't know where everyone went, but it seems they all went off somewhere with that smelly woman."
"That woman has a name! It's ... something."

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Shannon said...

Oh that walmart one is hilarious!!!!!