Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a Go

Well, I finally got up the nerve to tell Yusuke about the new furniture I purchased for the "scrapbooking room." He was quick to remind me that it is not my room to just do what I please with. In essence, this is true because it quintuples as a computer room, toy room, reading room, and Yusuke's temporary wardrobe-hung-over-the-rocking-chair room as well.

I am not sure why I get so freaked about telling him stuff. Perhaps because for a few years in our marriage, I couldn't tell him anything without a big fight ensuing. Those days are over, but the fear is still there.

So, when I told him and he reminded me it was not just my room to do what I please with, I explained that I was really only changing the corner of the room where I keep my scrapbooking stuff. (Hey, man, don't be jealous just because I have a hobby and you don't, but let's get on with it.)

I also explained my reasons (the whole thing about having overnight guests sleep there) and how neat it will look when I finish the room. I told him how I had decided to pay for it, and he said "that money for the camera was not just your money." Okay, he does have a point, but then I reminded him about how NICE the living room looks now. I did that! I decorated it like that! He said, "Yeah, you're right. I should just trust you. I'm looking forward to seeing the room when you're finished with it."

Whew, coast is clear. Furniture will be delivered this Friday.

Our living room

In case you are wondering about the orange octopus. It acts as a deterrent so that Ailin doesn't touch the TV. It usually works, except that today, she was using one of her DVDs to pound on the TV screen.

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kuri & ping said...

Your living room looks so cute!