Thursday, January 8, 2009

Projects for 2009

This year, I am still working on my Goals List, and my husband is supposed to be thinking about his. Each year, we start a new page in our joint diary (just a pretty spiral diary that my friend Sara gave us one year), and we make a checklist of our goals. Periodically, we check the list and check off anything we have achieved and then we do a final check in January before we start a new list. We did our final check last weekend (at our annual meeting about goals and household budget/savings).

Yusuke laughed at my list from last year as he watched me check off some of my completed goals. He thought some of them were too easy, but the key to making this list is to include both easy and difficult goals so that I can feel good about at least checking some things off.

My major home projects for this year:
1. To gestate. Our baby #2 is due on June 7th.
2. To re-organize and redesign my scrapbooking space.
3. To finish my Chronological 2008 album (2 months left)
4. To do an album of all our travels around Japan (and one in Korea).

My major work projects for this year:
1. To retype my worksheets after the unfortunate breaking of my memory card in August.
2. To figure out a plan for the 2009 Debate Team
3. To enjoy my maternity leave and my child-care leave, which will start in April.

These are just projects, but I have not actually made my list of goals yet. Goals include things like "Get teeth cleaned in June and December," "Be nice to Yusuke," "Keep house running efficiently," etc. I'll finalize it over the weekend, and post it here next week.


kuri & ping said...

I'm here! Congratulations on your #1 project for this year! :) You must be very excited. How have you explained the news to Ailin?

I think the new blog is better suited to your life now as well...looking forward to hearing more about what you're up to!

Gina said...

Congratulations on having another baby! Also, I really like that picture of you and hubby and Ailin. She's such a gorgeous little girl!!!