Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quotes of the Week

This week, for the sake of scrapbooking, I decided to collect quotes. I just wrote down amusing things that people said all week long, and taken out of context, they do sound kind of funny. You can see we are quite productive at work, and that at home, my conversation with Yusuke is somewhat limited. That's because we rarely see each other during the week. Finally, when written down, it does appear that Ailin is talking quite a bit.

Quotes from Work:

"I know who Paul's first crush was. When he was three years old, he looked in a mirror and fell in love."

"When my friend was a kid, his dad used to tell him that the song played by the ice cream truck meant that they had run out of ice cream."

"I wasn't listening to your conversation, but all I heard was 'I lost my virginity'."

"I didn't become a slut until I was in college."

"I think I'd stick my head my head up a cow's ass."

"Sometimes I want to kick you in the face."

"Do you need anything from the store? 'Cause if you do, I would like some ham."

"Just because it's written in a book doesn't mean it's true."

"Let's wikipedia it."

Quotes from Home:

"Do you always have to watch these dumbass Japanese shows?"

"Whose that bitch?"

"Get off of him. He's not a horse."

Quotes from Ailin:

Shi shi poo poo (numerous times while "reading" aloud to herself)

Moon nai (this means "no moon")

Samu samu samui! (this means col...col...cold!)

Witch kowai (this means scary witch)

Witch bye bye

Ailin no moshi moshi (this means Ailin's phone)

Mama fuu fuu (this means Mama, blow on it or something like that)

2 sai...two! (while holding up two fingers)

Ailin no mama (this means Ailin's mama)

Pankai! (this is meant to be "kanpai", and it means cheers)

Mama ni chodai (this means I give to Mama)

Happa to you! Happa to you! (to the tune of Happy Birthday.)

A C B D E .... (to the tune of ABCDEFG...)

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