Monday, March 30, 2009

At Random

Well, I have a lot of things running through my head, so I will put them down here, and hopefully they will go away.

1. I am now suffering through my 3rd cold in the past month.

2. That Snow Angels movie was the most depressing movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot put enough exclamation marks behind ever to express just how depressing it was. The last scenes make you want to throw up. The ending was, it was expected once you realize that the main characters of the movie are all a bit off and when you get to the "puking" scenes, you just know it's gonna end badly. If you enjoy this type of movie, go rent it. If not, please forget I ever mentioned it and do not EVER consider watching it.

3. Following Dr Laura's advice takes a lot of work and if one is not consistantly doing all the suggested things, everything will fall apart. I'm trying, but it is hard when you have a cold.

4. In using up vacation days before the end of the school year, I took one day off last week to sew bibs for Ailin's daycare. A working mom's vacation day is not necessarily meant for FUN.

5. Yesterday, I took the day off to organize Ailin's dresser drawers, haul out the baby stuff from the closet and separate out any unnecessary items.

6. On Thursday, I plan to take one more day off before the new school year's schedule is released and the real work begins. I need to scrub the floors and re-organize two of the closets.

7. I SO miss the days when I could take the day off and spend a whole day at the Tokyo Imperial Hotel drinking tea and eating scones with a close girl friend.

8. After grocery shopping on Sunday evening, I realized today when I woke up this morning that I had neglected to buy any of the essentials - eggs, milk, bread, etc. I need to leave work early today and get that stuff before picking Ailin up.

9. Tomorrow is April 1st, and Ailin will move up to the 2-year old class called "The Penguins." She'll have 19 other kids in her class and 4 teachers. Her teacher, Tomoko, (whom she likes to call Mokoroko-sensei) will be moving to the new class with her.

10. I am listening to Grooveshark right now. Follow the link on my blog and it will take you to a world of free, undownloadable music. You can listen to entire songs rather then little snippets like on iTunes.

11. I am taking an on-line course for scrapbooking these days. It is a 4-week class called "Telling Stories Deeply." I am learning how to write more deeply on my scrapbook pages. It is harder than I thought!

12. After a big fight on Sunday, Yusuke seemed to realize how stressed I feel about cleaning/organizing/preparing for the baby. He canceled his plans with his mother, arranged for Ailin to spend the day at her house, and then stayed home to help me with cleaning. He actually went through his clothes and threw out 2 bags of clothing! Now, we can actually close his dresser drawers for the first time in several months! He also cleaned his (Ailin's) room so that I could get in there and start organizing baby stuff. I can now actually open the closet door in that room!

13. Is it weird to buy a baby bassinette or basket from a recycle shop? Should I just go ahead and buy a brand new one? Or rent a used one?

14. Tomorrow, the garbage people are coming to take away our rocking chair, an old plastic garbage basket and a bookshelf. I am thinking that I still would like a cool reading chair or a rocking chair and am considering buying one at Ikea. But, I am afraid the same problem will happen again. Yusuke will use the chair as his own personal closet and it will be piled high with his coat and clothes-that-aren't-dirty-enough-to-be-washed-yet. It will really add to the scrapbooking/computer room decor though, and it will be a nice place to nurse baby #2 in those first months when that is about all you do.

14. If I was actually doing my work right now, I would be ... cleaning the staff room some more, cleaning my desk some more, planning for next week's EXCEL tutorial. (The other native teachers want a lesson in using Excel for class projects and for grades.)

I should go do something.


Lulu said...

Sounds like despite the couple of days off work you had, you have been extremely busy!

Glad Yusuke helped you sort through some stuff for baby and with cleaning- especially with you having a cold. Poor thing! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Wow, can`t believe Ailin is moving up a grade!? How exciting!!!

When does your maternity leave start and how long will you have off? Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

That Snow Angels -- Right? This movie took me by surprise..., it was a good movie but VERY dark, I rather pay money for laughter-nothing sad or full of drama----

What the hell?