Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny Quotes

This past week, I heard some funny things in passing and wanted to put them here.

"Hmmm. What should I do first? Water the weeds or feed the bugs?"
-Eyore on an episode of Winnie the Pooh.

"Ailin no wan wan mark no doggy da yo."
-said by my daughter after seeing a picture of a dog on TV. She is referring to her doggy symbol at the daycare which is drawn on anything that belongs to her.

And, finally a conversation between me & my beloved:
Yusuke: What's this movie about anyway? (pointing out a DVD I had rented but not yet watched.)
Mande: Snow Angels? I don't know.
Yusuke: Why would you rent something without knowing what's it's about?
Mande: Well, Kate Beckingsale is in it, so I thought it might be good. And, besides, I can't read the back cover, I just assume it is good.
Yusuke: Still, why would you rent it if you have no idea about the movie?
(Mande goes to check IMDB for more info about said movie.)
Mande: Um, it's your typical white-trash, single mom romance drama. You'll love it.
Yusuke: What?
Mande: White trash. It's like the movie "In the Bedroom."
Yusuke: Sounds good. Let's watch it this weekend.

(As you can see, I know what he likes.)