Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Works!

I am just taking a much-needed break from work to write. I am in a position where I am not officially a supervisor, but I have been here the longest by far. I wish I could say that I get a nice title or a bigger paycheck to go with some of the nasty duties of this job, but instead I have to deal with certain people without the compensation. I also wish I could say that I am really good at managing people, but alas, I am just learning on the job.

Okay, what works is this...Dr Laura's advice has been working so far. My husband did something for me that he NEVER EVER EVER would have done in the last 7 1/2 years we have been married.

First of all, last Friday, we got in an argument just as I was leaving for work. It had to do with him not waking up in time, then complaining that he wanted to shower before leaving, me saying that I didn't have time to wait for him, but I waited anyway. While I waited, I THOUGHT he was in the shower, but actually he had gone back to bed without telling me and was pouting. That just took the cake! And, by the time I discovered this, I would inevitably be late for work. So, of course, an argument ensued and somehow all of this was my fault. A few hour later, he called my cell phone and left a voice mail apologizing.

Apologizing? I can't even remember that last time Yusuke apologized for anything!!!

Later that evening, we talked on the phone again and he mentioned how sorry he was.

Another apology? This is too much.

Anyway, the next thing that happened was my dilemma concerning an English department party that was to take place on a Wednesday evening. I really wanted to go as most of the English dept members had RSVPd, and when it was being planned, I was the one who had insisted on the date and the location simply because it would make it easier for me to attend. I realized that Yusuke and his mom would be leaving the next day for a trip to Korea (long story, don't ask!), but I figured his mom would gladly babysit for a few hours.

The problem was that I dropped the ball and put off asking her. Meanwhile, she made a hair appointment in Tokyo. I suppose she wants to look her best for her trip abroad (the 2nd time in her life, actually!), and she claimed that she would not be back in time to pick Ailin up. I felt bad that I would have to cancel my RSVP, but Yusuke offered other solutions.

He actually offered to ask his boss if he could take half a day off so that I could go to the party. I was like, (in the words of Randy from American Idol) "Wha-a-a-a-a-t?!"

This is definitely a first!

So, he did get the 1/2 day off and he was back in town by 3pm, and he was ready to go pick up Ailin and take her home. Of course, there was a bit of whinging - he had some work to do that night, he still had to pack, he has to get up at 4am to go to the airport, could I possibly come home AS SOON AS the party is over.

Despite that, I was very happy and had a nice time at the party. I didn't have to worry about Ailin or picking her up by a certain time. When I got home at 10pm, they were both sound asleep and I had to wake him up so he could pack and finish his work. In any case, it was a good night.

Thanks, Dr Laura. Being nice to Yusuke is truly paying off.

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