Friday, April 2, 2010

The Final Push: The Command Center

My Command Center is in a central location of our house. It serves as a place for information coming in and going out, and is basically consists of 3 parts.

The cabinet has a spot for a Household Quick Reference binder which holds information about each member of the family. For example, in Ailin's section, I keep a copy of the daycare lunch menu as well as the annual schedule of events. There is also a section for important phone numbers, home management, the budget and local delivery menus.

On top of the cabinet are 4 baskets. For Yusuke and me, these baskets are a place to put cell phones, ipods, wallets, etc. when we are at home. The kids' basket holds all those hard-to-find-when-you-really-need-them-in-a-hurry items, such as thermometers, nail clippers, bug spray, sunscreen, vix, etc. The blue basket is my organizing tool kit and has a spray bottle of multi-purpose cleaner, a microfiber rag as well as a tape measure, pen and a notepad.

The second part of the Command Center is the white board, and I think I have written about this before. The white board has the shopping list, the week's menu plan, calendar, the cleaning & maintenance routine and 2 post it notes for keeping shopping lists of some of my less frequent shopping places - Costco & Ikea.

The third part of the Command Center is the tickler file. Each day of the month has a folder, and each month of the year has a folder. So, when I get paper in, I take care of it and file it for it's deadline day. If I get something that needs to be taken care of a few months from now, I would file it in that month's folder.

The tickler file needs to checked every day OR you need to have those important deadline dates written elsewhere - either on your to-do list, your daily planner, or your calendar. Otherwise, you will forget all about these papers ... to be honest, it has happened to me a few times since I made this tickler file and have learned this the hard way. I tend not to check my tickler file every day because I don't file many things in it. Some of these new practices take time to form into habits.

Okay, that's it on the Command Center.


Anonymous said...

OMG Mande did we talk about the "tickler file" or did you just think of that yourself? I have been doing that for years! It was my way of getting to all the household paperwork but keeping it out of sight. That way I can distibute the work for each day of the month and not be dealing with a huge to do list. Just with whatever is scheduled for the day. Love it. I had no idea you were doing it too.

Mande said...

Amy, actually, I did not know about the tickler file system until I took the simplify 101 class last fall. I set it up but have not gotten used to using it yet. In fact, the few times I have tried to use it, I either "lost" those papers or "forgot" to check for them. I think the key is to put important deadlines on the calendar as well, at least until one gets used to checking it every day. As it is now, I don't have daily paperwork to deal with, so it's hard to get into the habit! I'm trying though!

Miss behaving said...

I love the tickler file, both the idea and the actuality, how did you make it?