Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Ailin Does Lately

I keep meaning to write about this because she has been so darn funny lately, and I don't want to forget. Also, it's sometimes useful for scrapbook pages.

Favorite Stories
Sleeping Beauty
Goldilocks & the Three Bears
The Monster at the End of the Book

Favorite TV Shows/DVDs
Hannah Montana
Backyardigans (She calls it Hippo Penguin-san)
Prince of Egypt (She calls it Luka Basket Dancing because of the baby Moses in the basket.)

Her Hobbies
She likes to hold books up in the way that teachers do and she reads them to me. She sometimes reads in English, but mostly she makes up the story in Japanese. It is a loose translation of the story along with an explanation of what's going on the pictures. At night, she has me read one story to her, and then she reads one story to me.

Gluing & cutting things has become one of her recent hobbies. She sometimes "helps" me with my scrapbook pages.

Wearing skirts is very important to her. She immediately changes into a skirt when she arrives home. Skirts are better for dancing in, I guess.

She tells me about her dreams every morning. At least, I THINK these are her dreams. They always involve an array of princesses and Disney characters playing on swing sets or slides with her. Sometimes, Mama, Papa, Baba or Jiji are there too.

Favorite Foods
Sweet potatoes
White Juice (sports drink)

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