Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oops, almost forgot about February!

I have been so crazy-busy preparing for daycare, getting my house in order, and starting to work again that I nearly forgot to put up my lay outs for February! They were done a long time ago.

This was done for Cathy Z's class and is one of my last completely digital lay outs.

Another digital lay out for Cathy Z's class. The challenge was to create the look of "inking" on the individual papers. I used an overlay frame on each paper and stretched it to the exact size of each stripe. The title on the left says, "Carry me on your back!" I made a Japanese version for Yusuke's mom as a Mother's Day gift.

"Growing Girl" is a double lay out to show her development over the past year. This is another Cathy Z lay out.

Now, by this time, I had started a new class called Adventures in Hybrid. May Flaum, the instructor, taught many methods for combining digital and real world elements on our papers. Can you tell which is digital and which is real? 

This was one of the first lay outs I made for May's hybrid class, and I love it. Problem is that I cannot frame it as it is too thick now. 

Another hybrid lay out...albeit a bit crooked! The lay out design was from Cathy Z's class and I used May's hybrid class to complete it using her hybrid techniques.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of time to explain these lay outs and how they were made. If you want to know more about anything specific, please contact me.

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Anonymous said...

you can use a 12x12 box-frame to frame that nice May hybrid one. You can get them in Japan pretty easily because Kuretake has them.
Beautiful layouts as always!!!