Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Multi-purpose Room

Since this room is in the middle of our house and could or should be a 3rd bedroom, it is open out on to the living room and so serves as a catch-all room for the family. It is our computer / scrapbooking / reading / play room.

As some of you know, I had started re-organizing the scrapbooking portion of the room in early 2009, but have added a few more flourishes to this area recently, so I will do a post just about the scrapbooking area next time.

The computer desk, obviously. I wanted more color in this area, but my husband doesn't want me to hang anything on the walls. So, the inspiration board, a goals magnetic board, and a victory magnetic board are all "hanging" in this area. Both of the decoupaged frames add some color to the area.

I also have a really cool goals box that I decoupaged using my most favorite scrapbooking paper ever. Can you see the "Laugh Box" just under the desk? I have had that box since moving to Japan when I really needed some laughs, and I used to collect funny magazine article or pictures in there. Below the desk is my collection of colorful binders - one for each online class I have taken and others designated for projects I am working on.

I have shown this photo before. It used to be a junk drawer and is now organized nicely. That was the first little project I did for the simplify 101 class. Notice the photo - it's actually a little zippered case that Shannon had made for me as a bridesmaid gift. This photo must have been taken when we were 5 years old.

I recently put together this Ikea shelf for toys. We have a similar shelf in the kids' room closet so that the tubs can be switched out. This is to keep things exciting for the kids. The current toy categories in this shelf are as follows:
Food-related toys
Luka's toys
Leapfrog Leap pad books

Technically, we do not use that door anymore. My husband was a bit peeved about that, but there was no purpose for it anyway. The room is open out on the living room and we need that corner space for their toys or whatever. I think it will not be that way forever.

Also, let's take a quick moment to notice the reading corner. The chair if from IKEA. The bookshelf is chalk full of books that I don't have time to read. I added some reading baskets around the house for people's current reads as well as this hanging magazine holder on the door. All of the reading baskets and this hanging thing have labels on them to inspire reading: "Read and Be Merry!", "Read Anytime, Anywhere." are two of them.

And, behold. They are actually (kinda sorta) playing together. I believe that one of them started crying soon after this photo was taken because she couldn't open something by herself.

The brown dresser behind them was re-purposed some time last year. It used to hold tons of VHS tapes, all of which I gave or threw out. Now, the top drawer is a reference drawer for me - papers, catalogs, etc that I might want to look at in the near future. The bottom 3 drawers are categorized as follows:

I would like to get another IKEA shelf like the one in the above photo to replace this ugly brown thing. I want to be able to switch out tubs from the big shelf in the bedroom for here too. I also hope to label all the tubs in the coming weeks, but suddenly have found myself with a lot less time since returning to work. We'll see how that goes.

(Do you see the dog in the background? He is vacuuming up the remains from the floor around Luka's high chair. He appears in lots of photos doing this exact thing over and over.)

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