Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrapbooking Sunday: May Lay Outs

My Mother's Day lay out. It was an assignment for the Dimensional Details class and we were to sew on our pages. It was a first for me since I am not a sewer, but the theme of handmade, ugly stuff goes along well with my sewing job. If you look closely, by clicking on the image, you'll see that I tried to sew a border around the page, zigzag stitches across the bottom and a free hand heart right on the photo. 

I plan to do another lay out for this theme using the photos taken by the professional photographer who followed us around that day, but we haven't seen those yet. These are just some of the photos I took, which explains why I am not present in any of them. It was another assignment for the class, and we were supposed to make a title using some method we had not used before. We also had to do more with grouping our embellishments. I found these cool flowers at a local Indian store and decided to use them here.

I needed one more Hokkaido Family Trip lay out and decided to do a funny one regarding my amazingly huge sunglasses and some of the funny/ironic things about the trip. I used a lace doily piece that I found at our local craft store, and I printed some brushes (in photoshop) onto a transparency. Using transparencies is a great way to add layers to your lay out without covering too much up! I love doing this now.

Look familiar? It's because I made a very similar lay out a few weeks ago. Since it is about Ailin's former daycare teacher, I decided to just show it to her since we had recently been talking about my scrapbooking hobby, and she said she was curious to see some of my lay outs. When I brought it to to show her, she misunderstood me and gladly accepted it as a gift. I was stunned, but what could I say? I immediately started calculating in my head how I was going to make time to produce a very similar lay out for myself. Check this link to see the original.

In preparation for Luka's 1st birthday, I was busy taking photos of his newest developments. This lay out uses some boyish elements such as small metal frames. 

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