Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday: Change in Routine

Recently because of the heat and humidity, we have been taking a bath soon after arriving home. I found that everyone feels more relaxed and I am less rushed to get dinner on the table. For some miraculous reason, there seems to be more time at night to do everything, and I have been able to get the kids to bed on time (9pm). For the last month or so, I was lucky if I got them in bed reading stories by 9:45 pm. Anyway, I'm not sure why this change has made such a difference, but I am happy about it.

Today, Luka developed a fever overnight, but I managed to get him into daycare anyway, by sort of fudging the numbers. They called an hour later and said he had a fever and would be putting him down for a nap but would keep me updated. Luckily, it's an exam day, but I wanted to stay at work until my Current English class exam was finished at noon. They called at 12:30 to say Luka's fever had not gone down and would I come and pick him up.

When I arrived, Ailin just happened to be out the hallway and she saw me. She got totally excited thinking she would get to home with me too and she was crying and carrying on about it while the teacher was getting everyone to prepare for naptime. I knew she would never settle down for the daily nap, so I offered to take her home as well. She is as happy as a clam now.

Meanwhile, Luka's teacher thinks he might have contracted Hand Foot Mouth Disease, which is going around the daycare at the moment. She showed me some tiny blisters starting on his feet and hands, but wouldn't you know it? His pediatrician is closed today! I am not sure if I should just take him elsewhere or not. I read on the internet that there is no treatment available for it anyway, but I wonder how long he would have to stay home for this.

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