Friday, May 7, 2010

March Lay Outs are Up (and there are a lot of them)

Keep in mind that I was taking 3 classes at once during the month of March. I'll show these in 3 different blog posts because I want to show each class's lay outs separately.

Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life Class Wraps Up
First, a study in color. For one of the Real World Color assignments, we were asked to choose one of our favorite colors and go through our photo files (iPhoto in my case) and choose photos of that color. It was amazing how easy this was to do. I chose green and orange. I have noticed since how often I choose orange papers from my collection when I start a page and how often I buy orange things. Weird. Who would have thought that I would come to like orange so much?

Towards the end of the class, I was running out of theme ideas and since Ailin had just turned 3, I decided to use a collection of photos of her over the past year to show her growth and development. (Honestly though, as I write this in May, I realize that she has changed MORE in the past 3 months than she did over that past year. Terrible Therrible Threes!)

For one of our final assignments, we were asked to go back and choose a favorite lay out design from the entire class and use it again, but with a different theme and photos. I did this lay out originally for our Door County trip with Amy last November. This time, I did a collection of photos from Ailin's day care adventures in Penguin-class. Every month or so, they give us the option to buy photos that they have taken of our kids, and these are just a few of the photos I had from that collection. (Used the Pure kit from Kate Pertiet for this lay out.)

The last all-digital lay out I made for the class. From this point on, I tried to combine my hybrid assignments and Design Your Life assignments, so you will see more in the next post. I have actually forgotten what the focus of this lay out was to be. Can anyone guess?

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