Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday: TV

There was a time when all I could get of American TV was occasional episodes of Full House and some obscure Canadian sitcom that I had never heard of. Other than that, I watched Japanese TV when I could stand it. Four years ago, we started subscribing to Cable TV and there are about 5 channels that sometimes have shows I am interested in wasting my time on.

Here's what I watch:
American Idol - We are only about 4 weeks behind the live version, and unfortunately, Google Entertainment News keeps us up to date with their weekly headlines. The results themselves cannot be avoided, but many of us still enjoy watching the "drama" unfold. Although this year's "drama" is kind of predictable and the contestants themselves are a little on the plain side, I do enjoy it. At least it's English, right? My pick since the beginning has been Lee DeWyze, so we'll see how it goes later this week. In Japan, we just said good-bye had Shania Twain country week on the show.

Glee - Could TV get any better than this? It's high school. It's teenagers. It's music, but not cheesy, corny stuff like High School Musical (which is good, in it's own right). It's quirky characters that we can all somehow relate to. If you have not seen it yet, go find an episode and watch it.

Hannah Montana - I make Ailin watch this every night. It's her educational English TV. I am so serious. We don't have a lot of choices here and I refuse to let her watch some of the cartoonish stuff that is on. Anyway, we both enjoy it.

That's it for today. I don't have time to watch much, and as it is, I have to record it and watch it at my leisure. Leisure? Ha? I meant, when I actually have a chance to sit down and fold laundry, which is only once a week, these days.

Gone are the days of my daily 10am tea break. Sigh.

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