Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scrapbooking Sunday: April Lay outs

I get one day a week to write about scrapbooking or show some of my latest lay outs.

Today, I'll go ahead and put up my lay outs for April. Remember that you can click on the lay outs to see a larger version and then you can read the journaling.

New Kid at School: I took photos of Luka just before and on his first couple of days of daycare.  This was the first week of my current class Dimensional Design with Nic Howard and her main focus is on layering and using a variety of elements. Every week, she gives us a "Build it" assignment and shows step-by-step, how to make the page.

Day 1: This was an assignment for the Adventures in Hybrid Class with May Flaum. We had to use this digital kit by Kate Pertiet to complete the page. Yusuke took this photo of just before we were leaving for my first day back at work, Ailin's first day in the Dolphin class and Luka's first day at daycare.

Ode to Sakura: This was a challenge from the Dimensional Design class. We had to use scraps from our ever-growing scrap collections along with glimmer mist to create a nice background. I also made up this song for Ailin during sakura season and used it for the journaling. (Translation: Cherry, Cherry. The cherry that fell from the tree. Pick it up. Pick it up. Let's eat it! ... NO!) She likes to say the NO! part at the end.

BKC Easter: The focus here is to create a cool background using old stickers just behind the photos. Isn't that the coolest thing? I think everything goes so well together in this one.

BKC: A bit more detailed lay out about our BKC Easter Party. This is a digital one using a template called Stamped Frame LT12 from Kate Pertiet.

Cool Guy: Just had to highlight Luka's first haircut. This was an extra assignment I did for the Dimensional Detail class. We were supposed to create our own backgrounds using letter stickers or even sillouettes of letter stickers or letter templates. I have an entire metal alphabet that I am afraid to use, so this was a good way to use them without actually using them up. I didn't add many embellishments because I want some of my lay outs to be flatter for the album. 

By the way, my colleague asked me how I can possibly have time to do so much scrapbooking. That is a topic for another Sunday, but I want to point out that those colorful rhinestone embellishments are actually one big sticker! I didn't sit there and put them on the page one by one. 

Hair Dilemma: Once in a while, I have to do a page about Yusuke. (Actually, sometimes I run out of themes for our assignments, and I end up dreaming up these silly pages. We had to put more focus on our photos by darkening the area just behind them. 

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