Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Sunday: Golden Week

Remember last week I talked about our Golden Week trip to Hokkaido? This time, I want to show off my 3 lay outs. I was thinking about making one more, but have not decided the exact theme yet. All three were done for the Dimensional Details class. Click on the lay outs to see them up close.

The focus here was on making our own scalloped border using punched out circles. Also, using lines to sort of draw a line beneath the photos, and of course lots of layering and painting. The theme is just highlights of our "family trip" to Hokkaido.

This double lay out was a bonus assignment. Left side was supposed to be a sort of collage of many, many small photos showing one event or trip. The right side was supposed to be journaling. I often journal in this fashion for our trips, so this was very easy to do. I've had this cool tree paper for a while, but could never find a use for it until now.

I think the focus for this assignment was on title treatment. I used white thickers for the "not famous" letters and painted them with blue/white acrylic, then sponged over with white ink. I really wanted to highlight this photo because of all the tree photos I took on the Tree Tour in Hokkaido, this one turned out the best.

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Shannon said...

Beautiful layouts, Mande. And some reall great photos! I am really liking the new structure of your blog. Seems like it must make more work for you, though!